We Sell the Widest Singlewide Home in America!

6/13/2019By Casey Mack

In manufactured home nomenclature, the terms "singlewide" and "doublewide" have remained eponymous throughout the past half-century in referring to the overall width of a home.  Singlewide homes ( single section units) have normally ranged in widths of 14' or 16' feet wide, while doublewide (multi-section units) have typically referenced home widths of 28'  or 32' wide.   These sizes have not changed for decades and a majority of homebuilders who specialize in factory-built homes continue to build to those same widths today.

On top of our hugely popular 12' wide tiny home series, we found increased demand from our customers for the widest singlewide living space available.  Our engineers & craftsmen put pencil to paper, built dozens of test homes, and concepted a home that is the largest legally available singlewide in the market today. The Legacy 18'-Wide was a hit the moment it rolled off the assembly line.

At Legacy, we have changed the game and broke the mold when it comes to home widths. Our Ultrawide 18-Wide Series features 8 gorgeous and airy floorplans that will give you and your family an extra amount of space, without having to live in a larger doublewide home. 

With the Legacy Ultrawide 18'-wide Home Collection, an extra 2' feet was added to the home's width - a game changer that increased available square footage and living space throughout the home as well as helps give customers more flexibility with furniture placement and room decor.  Just the overall airy nature of 2' feet more space helps generate a sense of largeness in your mind.  It feels almost doublewide-ish in it's overall nature.

Our Ultrawide homes feel 25% bigger than a comparable 16'-wide singlewide and many customers switch once they do a tour.  It is amazing at just how much bigger 2' feet of space makes the home feel.  Check it out for yourself in our 18x80-4 Bedroom 2 Bath model.


Legacy 1880-42B18-Wide Home Floorplan

Legacy Retailers all have the ability to custom build your next 18' wide singlewide.  Let them know you want the widest singlewide in America and they will take it from there.

Here are some of our most popular 18-wide models:


18x80-32C 3 Bedroom - 2 Bath Mobile Home


Legacy 1880-32E18-Wide Home Floorplan


Legacy 1880-32J18-Wide Home Floorplan


Legacy 1880-42A18-Wide Home Floorplan


Legacy 1880-22MRA18-Wide Home Floorplan

41 Great Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

5/8/2019By Kira Hovancik

     Mom’s deserve more than one day of the year to be recognized and treated like the Queen’s they are! With all the juggling they do from the moment they wake up until the moment they finally get to bed, Mom’s are never off duty.

     Treating your Mom on her special day can seem daunting, since she always seems to have everything she needs and never quite know exactly what she wants (at least that is how my Mom is!).

     So what do you get one of the hardest working women in your life? We’ve got some ideas to hopefully help treat your Mom this Mother’s Day! Online shopping has made everything so easily accessible these days that you can literally get anything online. So here are the 41 ideas for Mother’s Day...

Ideas for Mom


     One great retailer that most Mom’s obsess over (or maybe that’s just my mom?) is Bath & Body Works. And, wouldn’t you know, they have some great deals going on right now for Mother’s Day!? Plus, many retailers offer coupon codes for free shipping, which is noteworthy because Mother’s Day is almost here. However, if you’re in a rush to get your gift shipped, it will probably cost a premium shipping rate, so keep that in mind when ordering.

Here are some other great online retailers and physical stores to hopefully get you inspired for your Mom’s special day…

  • 1-800-Flowers.Com - Endless possibilities and other great affiliate retailers - 1-800-Flowers.Com
  • Etsy - Gifts from artists - Etsy
  • Uncommon Goods - Very unique gifts for that Mom who has everything - UncommonGoods
  • Alex & Ani - Made in America with great jewelry for Moms! - Alex & Ani
  • Total Wine & More - Any local winery or grocery store works too - Total Wine

Still need some help shopping for Mom? Listed below are some categories and corresponding retailer ideas to get Mom the perfect gift!


Moms in Small Spaces



Minimalist Mom



Pop culture Mom



Survivalist Mom



Country Chic Mom



Cook for Mom


     Some other great ideas that don’t take much planning are making a meal for your Mom! Whether she loves breakfast-in-bed, late night snack runs, or any meal that brings her family home, cooking for your Mom is something you can’t just order online. She will appreciate not only the thought but also the effort as well.

     Don’t feel pressured to make her favorite dish! And if your Mom is the chef of the house, getting her favorite take out food for dinner would mean she can focus on spending time with everyone, and less timing cooking in the kitchen.




     A hand-made card is a nice touch to any gift as well! Most Mom’s love receiving pictures of their children and grandchildren, so making a photo collage or giving her some updates prints will surely bring a smile to Mom’s face. Vistaprint and Shutterfly have some awesome gifts that allow you to print your best pictures on them like custom throw pillows, sleeping blankets, and mugs!

     No matter how you decide to spoil your Mother this Mother’s Day, remember that material gifts fade in time, but memories last forever! Document her special day and let Mom know how much you love and appreciate her.

   She won’t forget what you did for her when she looks back on this Mother’s Day together! Let us know what you are getting your Mom this Mother’s Day in the comment section below!

Congrats to Ms. Nerey on her new home!

2/15/2019By Mario Santos

Another beautiful home delivered by Bell Mobile Homes in Levelland, Texas.  To make an appointment with Mario, click here >> Make An Appointment Now with Super Mario!

Apply Online For Factory Financing

2/1/2019By Casey Mack

Good Credit, Bad Credit, No Credit?  No Problem!  We have financing programs available for every type of financial situation.  Quick, secure, and easy -- Apply Online today to get started!

Build a New Legacy Today!

2/1/2019By Casey Mack

One of the hottest new companies traded on Nasdaq, Legacy Housing is destroying the affordable housing crisis with home prices that are hard to beat! 

Taller! Wider! Better!

1/31/2019By Kira Hovancik

Legacy roofs have more pitch than our competition! More roof pitch increases the lifespan of your roof as well as giving your home a taller, site-built look! 

Cozy by the Fireside

12/21/2018By Kira Hovancik

     This holiday season makes you want to cuddle around the fireplace with some warm hot coco or mulled cider and relax the holidays away! Not every home is equipped with a built in fireplace, but one of the best additions you can add to your new home is an electric fireplace. They come in a variety of sizes to fit your space needs, plus there is no mess with an electric fireplace. One less thing to clean, right?!

     The electric fireplace produces a realistic flame effect and come with the options of producing heat or no heat mode option as well. All the controls are adjustable so you can customize the heat settings to fit your preference. The electric fireplace comes with five levels of ambiance, which means there is a level of ambiance for any type of mood you’re in which is greatly appreciated. Moods change and so can your electric fireplace! The remote control lets you have complete control no matter where you are inside your home. The electric fireplace offers additional storage room for all your TV console needs. There is plenty of room any TV accessories, video game consoles, extra remotes, TV cables, etc.

     The more compact electric fireplace is 42’’ long and comes with a corner kit to fit perfectly in the corner of your living space. We also offer a super-wide electric fireplace unit that is 65’’ long and comes in a stunning dark walnut finish. Both would make great additions to your new home no matter what time of year it is!

New Tiny Homes have arrived at Bell Mobile Homes

12/11/2018By Ken Shipley

Visit our sales lot now to see up-close and in-person, our new stock of Tiny Homes.  Thinking of going Tiny?  There has never been a better time to buy a Tiny Homes as prices are slashed on all 2018 models.

Come see us today at 2401 TX-114, Levelland, TX 79336

The Winter Clearance Event is on Now!

12/10/2018By Craig Austin

Prices are drastically reduced!  Come see us now!

The Time is Now to go Tiny!

12/10/2018By Kira Hovancik

The trend is Tiny. The time is Tiny. Tiny Houses are the next generation of affordable housing! We feel we make the most liveable Tiny House on the market that have functional floorplans suitable for 21st century living. Our Tiny homes are all under 399 square feet, and there are a couple of floorplans to choose from. The Tiny Hacienda(our best-seller!) has a liveable bedroom that can fit a king sized bed plus nightstands, a private bathroom, tons of built-in storage, a kitchen/dining space, and a living space fit for full sized furniture.

     Going Tiny doesn’t mean giving up your personal space or the ability to have functional storage. There are some tiny houses on the market that are so small that the bed is above the kitchen area, and you have to climb up a ladder to get into bed every night. While those tiny Tiny houses look trendy online and have a very small eco footprint, they are not suitable for everyone! Our Tiny Houses are built 4+ feet wider than most RV’s/campers, and are designed with full-sized furniture-friendliness in mind so that you can personalize your Tiny House to fit your lifestyle needs.

    Another great design feature with our Tiny Homes is the option to add on a covered porch! This allows your Tiny House to have an extended covered lounging area that not only adds square footage, but adds another living space outside your home. Plus the covered porch makes your house look like a home, and less like a fancy shed. Let’s be clear though, there’s nothing wrong with a fancy shed!

    With less square footage that a site-built home, you have a less floor space and countertops to clean which is a huge draw to going Tiny. Many of our customers love having less house to clean and having less clutter in their home. Another huge draw in going Tiny is your Tiny House creates a much smaller eco footprint than a traditional site-built home. Whatever motivates you to go Tiny, we encourage you to check out our Tiny House models and start living Tiny today!